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Year 2


Welcome to the summer term!

Welcome to the summer term at Forest Academy. We hope you had a fantastic spring break and are looking forward to our new term. We will continue with our exciting learning this half term and remain to learn in a happy and safe environment.

Global Curriculum

This term, our global curriculum themes are ‘social justice’ and ‘equity’. Over the course of the summer term, the children will focus on the themes of migration and fairness. The children will develop their history skills by studying the local cultures and traditions reflected in the school community.  In geography, they will focus on the similarities and differences between the city of London in the UK and a city outside of Europe. They will develop their understanding that different countries have their own traditions, cultural customs, symbols and flags. Through our core text we will specifically focus on the Caribbean, comparing the UK with Trinidad and Tobago.


This half term, our core text is the book ‘Coming to England’ By Floella Benjamin. The children will be planning and writing narratives. The children will be comparing and contrasting the geographical features of the UK and Trinidad and Tobago to aid them in their storytelling. The children will also be reviewing the features of a letter and writing an informal letter in character. The children will be reviewing, editing and up-levelling their work as they go along to correct spellings and include suffixes to add variety to their sentences. The children will be including coordinating and subordinating conjunctions such as if, but and so to change the meaning of their sentences.


We will continue to learn a range of reading strategies and learning behaviours, focussing on the strategies of making connections, clarifying, inferring and evaluating. The texts will have cross curricular links to our learning, and we will have a greater focus on non-fiction texts this term, such as poetry and books for information.

The children will read, discuss and explain their ideas and record their opinions based on evidence in the text. They will continue to build on their oracy skills through active listening and putting their thoughts and opinions into meaningful responses, explaining the evidence in the text. We will focus on retrieval, as well as inference, summarising and clarification this term.


In maths, this half term Year 2 will continue to learn about measuring. They will review all maths topics taught through the year with a strong focus on mental arithmetic and problem-solving. The children will also work on identifying the mathematical operation needed to solve problems and calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children will explore specifically how to solve two-step problems involving two separate mathematical operations.


This term the children will be learning about plants and growing. They will identify and label plant parts. They will carry out an investigation about how seeds germinate for growth. The children will be conducting a fair test to investigate how water, light, air and heat affect germination. 


In art, the children will be exploring collage, through the inspiration of the artist Diane Ewen. They will experiment with different materials and recreate texture through drawing and sketching. They will experiment with cutting out shapes and layering them to create interesting patterns and shapes. The children will combine their skills to produce their collaged outcomes.


In PSHE, the children are learning about building positive and healthy relationships. They will be reflecting on their friendships and explore how to solve problems when they occur. The children will learn about belonging and treating themselves and others with kindness and respect.


In RE this term, the children will be learning about core beliefs in religion. This term the children will be learning about Islam. They will recap and review prior knowledge and learn about how core beliefs affect people’s life choices. They will explore how values impact daily life through the five pillars of Islam. The children will explore the importance of core beliefs and how these values impact peoples’ choices.               


This half term, children will further consolidate their ball skills through careful control, balance and coordination. They will review their skills of catching and throwing. Children will be intercepting the ball to gain possession. They will further explore possession and passing the ball. They will be collaborating in teams to show collaboration during sporting activities.


In computing, the children will be learning about ways in which we access the internet and exploring content, which is factual, or for entertainment.  Children will also explore how money can be managed online. 

Useful Information

PE Kit

Children will have PE twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday. Children should wear their PE kit to school on these days. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with their full name.

Reading Records and Passports

Please check your child’s book bag for a reading diary, books and reading passport. The reading diary needs to be signed and handed in EVERY DAY the same as their reading passport. Please date and initial (not just tick) their reading passport for every 5 minutes of reading inside the small box. Children will be working towards achieving their bronze passport initially. Please also continue to log into Bug Club for a huge range of online texts and comprehension activities to improve their fluency and understanding.

Water Bottles

Children are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to keep in class which they can access throughout the day. Please make sure your child’s name is written clearly on their water bottle.


Children will be given either an English or maths homework task weekly to be handed in by the following Wednesday. In addition, children are also expected to complete two activities on the topic menu linked to our global theme every half term. They will also be expected to practise their given times table every week. Spellings will be given out on Monday and tested on the following Monday. We encourage children to take care with their presentation and use joined cursive handwriting in Year 2. Handwriting practice will take place throughout the week.

Diary Dates

  • 30th May – 3rd June 2022: Half Term