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Year 2

Welcome back!

Children’s wellbeing and their smooth transition back into school life will be an important focus this half term.  As part of our Recovery Curriculum, they will have regular opportunities to discuss their personal experiences during lockdown, reflect on their feelings and learn strategies to cope with these challenging times.  Our whole school learning outcome will be a Museum of Hope exhibition at the end of the half term.  This will showcase the children’s learning, and will be shared with the school community virtually.

This half term, our core book is ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy.
​Children will be working towards a project outcome that will become part of a whole school exhibition. Exhibits will include dance, artwork (2D and 3D) and written outcomes and we will be inviting parents to see the exhibition either in person or virtually. The core text will be inspiration for the children to write poetry about their own hopes and dreams for the future. They also are going to learn about Zones of Regulations and Character Skills to explore and discuss their feelings and emotions.                                                                                              

In maths, children will be revising their skills and knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction, money as well as multiplication and division strategies taught in Year 1. Furthermore, they will expand their understanding of mathematical vocabulary, problem solving and reasoning through application of these skills in daily challenges and investigations. In mental maths, children will be counting forward and back from any number, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and revising number bonds to 10 and learn number bonds to 20 using practical resources such as number lines, counters, Numicon and ten frames.

Throughout the term, children will build a wormery to observe and record changes in the habitat over time. They will also learn to identify, classify and compare living and non-living things. Children will be researching and comparing other habitats like a desert, jungle, woodland, rainforest and the Arctic.

Art/Design Technology                                                                                          
In art, children will be inspired by the artwork from our core text and will recreate an image using mixed media. They will also craft pencil and charcoal sketches to show how to interpret music through visual art.                      

This term, children will focus on refining their physical skills such as jumping.  They will perform a range of jumps in an obstacle course as well as they will be coaching their partner, providing feedback and guidance as a coach. In dance, they will move to the beat, create their own movements and choreograph a routine to music.