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Year 4

Welcome Back!

We hope you have enjoyed a fantastic holiday and a well-deserved rest.   We were very proud of all the work you did during the Spring term, including your newspaper reports and fantastic 3D Surrealist collages in art.  We have an exciting summer term planned for you. We will be exploring Anglo Saxons and sustainable farming in Curriculum; living things and their habitats in science; where the world began in in RE and we have an exciting new book to explore in English.  Our core value this term is collaboration.

English and Reading

This half term, our core book is ‘The One and Only Ivan’ by Katherine Applegate.  This text is about the true story of a gorilla named Ivan, who was captured from the Democratic Republic of Congo. For 27 years he lived in a cage at a mall before being moved to Zoo Atlanta in 1994. Children will be using this story as inspiration for writing a setting description and non-chronological report on mountain gorillas.

In reading, children will focus on a range of reading skills including inference, making connections, summarising, predicting and clarifying.  They will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts linked to our global theme of sustainability


During this half term, children will be learning about time and angles.  They will be learning how to tell the time on both analogue and digital clocks, convert between different units of time and calculate duration of time.  They will also identify different types of angles and lines of symmetry, and plot and translate coordinates. They will apply this knowledge to solve problems in real life context and will also continue to develop their knowledge of times tables and division facts up to 12 x 12 through daily practise.


In science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats.  Children will make links with our global topic of sustainability by planting seeds to grow and observe over the half term.  They will use recycled materials to create a plant self-watering system for their plants.  Children will identify and classify living things in the local environment and compare what they have observed.  They will reflect on environmental changes such as global warming and deforestation, and what dangers these pose to living things in the environment


In geography, children will be develop their knowledge and understanding of climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts. They will explore natural disasters that occurred when travelling along The Silk Road, and how this affected trade. They will take part in a geographical enquiry to see how citizens made use of their environment due to climate changes and natural disasters. They will then create a David Attenborough style voice over video to explain The Silk Road Trade route, the natural disasters faced and the effect it had on Britain


This term children will be learning about where the world began.  They will also make links with the global and science topics by understanding the roles and responsibilities they have in caring for the world they live in.

Art/Design Technology

Our art outcome this half term is inspired by the artist Nolan Stacey, who draws black and white domestic and wild animals.  Making links with our core text, children will be using charcoal and chalk to draw a gorilla.  Their learning journey will include using the grid technique to create observational drawings and applying different shading techniques to create contrasting colours



Global Curriculum

Children will be focusing on the global theme of sustainability during the Summer term.  They will explore sustainable farming and food production methods both in Anglo Saxon times and Modern day.  They will take responsibility for their own environment by growing their own produce, recycling waste and creating their own water irrigation system.  They will investigate factors that have a positive and negative impact on farming and the environment and will debate issues surrounding animal welfare and food production.  They will explore ways they could improve farming within urban areas in the future.



Lessons during Summer 1 will focus on different aspects of relationships. Lessons will cover themes of jealousy, love and loss of special people, remembering special people, how friendships change, understanding girlfriend & boyfriend relationships and celebrating special relationships with people and animals.


During this term, children will be creating a program that uses both a timer and commands to make a character repeat actions.


This term, children will revise numbers from 1-20, before moving onto learning key family members.   They will learn the names of key items in our house, building up to describing their position using the prepositions dans (in) and sur (on).  Finally, they will begin to explore the French alphabet.


Children will learn about pulse and rhythm.  They will listen and appraise pieces of music thinking about what they like/dislike, what instruments they can hear and what style of music it is.  They will also learn how to play along to songs using tuned percussion instruments and will learn how to improvise and compose their own music.


Useful Information

PE Kit

Children will have PE every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child wears their kit to school on these days and that all items are clearly labelled with their full name.

Reading Records and Passports

We are very pleased to announce that every child also now has access to an exciting range of online texts via Bug Club, a separate letter explaining how to sign in and access the platform has been sent to parents. Please ensure your child reads for at least 15 minutes a day, either independently or aloud and continue to comment in your child’s reading record book and returned every morning. Please date and initial (not just tick) their reading passport for every 5 minutes of reading inside the small box. When you have reached the end of each line in the Reading Passport, please bring it into school.

Water Bottles/Clothing
As water fountains are still out of use, please send in a named water bottle for your child to access in the classroom during the day. So we can help return any clothing your child may have misplaced, please ensure all clothing has their name in. 

Homework/Spellings/Times Tables
Spellings and times tables will be tested and sent home each Tuesday. Please help ensure your child can recall all the times tables up to 12 x 12.  Children will also receive either an English or maths homework sheet to complete each week. They can also choose two activities from the curriculum map to complete over the half term period.  These will be due back at the end of half term, where they will be shared and celebrated in class. Homework will be stuck in children’s home learning books and also posted in Google Classroom each week.