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Forest Academy


Aligning our values to IPAT our vision is to transform the future for our children through partnership and collaboration.  Placing children at the centre of all we do, we aim to create a climate where excellence flourishes as a result of outstanding leadership, engaging teaching and high quality learning.Welcome to Forest Academy, as a local governing body we are really proud of our school. As part of the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust (IPAT), the governing body has oversight of Forest Academy. The details of our remit are set by the IPAT Trust Board and are detailed in its scheme of delegation and for a list of Inspire Partnership Trustees, please click here.  For corporate information relating to the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust, including the governing documents and the Annual Report and Financial Statements, please click here.

Our aim is to transform the lives of children; we believe the best way to achieve this is through relationships and collaboration.  We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our schools but believe together, we are stronger.  Our staff and children place no limits on learning, and our schools are inspiring places to learn! 

As a governing body, we are a strong and active cross-section of people, with the objectives of providing a strategic view, ensuring accountability, and acting as a critical friend, through support and advice.

By providing an exciting curriculum within a caring and secure environment, we aim to ensure that each child can reach his or her full potential in every aspect of their development whilst at our school.

The governing body welcome your feedback and can be contacted via Julie Newman, clerk to governors:   

Meet your Local Governing Body  

The local governing body is made up of two parents elected by parents, one staff member elected by staff, the headteacher and up to five community governors appointed by the governing body.  

Amanda Boyne – Chair of Governors

  • Community governor 
  • Term of office: 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2025
  • Safeguarding link governor 
  • Declarations of Interest - Vice Chair- Newington CEP school and Lower Halstow school Federation, Governor at IPAT Medway Hub

As a school leader and role in school improvement, the focus of my work has been to lead achievement across schools, provide professional development and develop partnerships with parents and pupils. As Chair of Governors for Inspire Partnership, Forest Academy and Medway Hub, and a governor for safeguarding, I have furthered my involvement in several schools. I am also a foundation governor for the Federation of Lower Halstow and Newington Church of England Primary Schools; my role supports governance with my expertise and professional knowledge.

I work as an education consultant and pathway tutor based in Kent for TES Global. My professional work allows me to remain within the education sector.

It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to be Chair of Governors for Forest Academy, a role I hope will continue. I am committed to making a positive contribution within Inspire Partnership, with involvement in every child’s education and playing an active role in helping the schools go from strength to strength. I hope to help develop an outstanding education for future generations of children.

Lizzie Parkes – Vice Chair

  • Pupil Premium and EYFS link governor 
  • Community governor. 
  • Term of office: 18th July 2023 to 17th July 2027
    First appointed on 18th July 2019
  • Relevant business/pecuniary interests: Owner of Lizzie Parkes Data Tracking. 1st January 2008 to present. The business is run to support schools outside the Trust with assessment data and tracking.

I have worked in schools for more than 25 years, first as a teacher and leader, and latterly in data management and analysis; I now run my own business in education data consultancy, as well as working at Woodside Primary which is part of the Inspire Partnership Trust.

I have been a governor in schools for a number of years, both in primary and secondary, and have a particular interest in the Early Years.

I am married with a son who is currently at university.

Swabra Lloyd – Headteacher

  • Appointed governor by virtue of role
  • Term of office: ongoing

 Les Jones

  • SEND link governor
  • Community governor
  • Term of office: 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2025
  • Relevant business/pecuniary interests: Director of Accelerated Business Consulting. 6th April 2014 to present. Business Consultancy, providing professional services to organisations to help them identify and meet agreed goals.

I came to live in Shirley, Croydon, some 25+ years ago, shortly after the birth of my twin sons. Their enquiring minds and thirst for knowledge both challenged and thrilled me. They are now grown young men of whom I am immensely proud. They have benefitted from an excellent education. I similarly want all the children of Forest Academy to have that opportunity for excellence. 

I have something of a hybrid background, which encompasses both business management specialising in marketing/advertising and Information Technology. I would like to give back to the area where I am based, so with a passion for education, (my mum was a secondary school teacher of English) I sought to become a school governor. I was fortunate that Forest Academy (or Spring Park, as it was then), were looking for governors from within the community. And so began my relationship with the school, which has so far lasted over 20 years! I have been a part of and seen for myself the incredible journey that the school and its community have been over the past 20+ years. 

The pupils of Forest Academy deserve the best possible start in life in relation to their education; I want the children to develop a love of learning and discovery which will stay with them & benefit them throughout their lives.

Martin Warner

  • Health & Safety link governor
  • Community governor
  • Term of office:  1st September 2021 to 31st August 2025

Edith Owusu

  • Community governor
  • Term of office 18th July 2022 to 17th July 2026

I have worked in the banking sector for over 20 years. I have held several positions in a consulting capacity. I bring to the governing body experience in policies and procedures, quality assurance and change management expertise.

I have two children who are in primary and secondary education. I am passionate about ensuring children are treated as individuals and to help them reach their full potential. I am enjoying being a part of the development of young people in the local community.

I am actively participating in Inspire Partnership governor training programme to improve my knowledge and specific skills needed to support Forest Academy. I hope to bring both my personal and professional experience to the benefit of the children at Forest Academy.

Ekran Adan

  • Parent governor
  • Term of office 31st October 2022 to 30th October 2026
  • Declarations of interest: None

I am delighted to join Forest Academy as a new parent governor.

I chose to become a parent governor because being a working/active parent, I wanted to be actively involved in the educational development of my two boys who recently joined Forest Academy. Being able to be part of the governing board allows me to support the school in providing the best quality learning and experience for every child regardless of their background.

My professional background is in banking for the past 13 years in various roles. Currently, I investigate complex high-value scam/fraud cases.  I have leadership, banking, and data analysis experience. I am an advocate for financial education as this would help children towards understanding and having a better financial future. 

I am passionate about education and believe that, with hard work and the right support, dreams can become a reality. 

Sabiha Hubble

  • Staff governor. 
  • Term of office: 13th March 2023 to 12th March 2027
  • Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None

Cordelia Shooter 

  • Parent governor. 
  • Term of office: 6th November 2023 to 5th November 2027
  • Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None

Associate Governors  and Governors who have served in the last 12 months

Associate Governor - Clare Dennis – Deputy Headteacher. Term of office ongoing

Eileen Wray: Associate Governor. 31st August 2023 - Retired

Lesley White: Staff Governor: 4th Jan 2023 - Resigned

Kieran Russell: Parent Governor. 9th December 2022 - Resigned