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Year 1

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the new term.  We hope you had a lovely Easter break.  As we resume our learning this term, we will be starting several new topics and delving into subjects in greater depth.

English and Reading

This half term, our core book is ‘Dear Greenpeace’ by Simon James.   We will be looking at our global theme of ‘sustainable development’. Before introducing the book, we will hook the children into their learning by setting up a paddling pool in the playground. To foster their curiosity, children will generate ideas around who the pool belongs to and why it was there.  We will also be engaging in role play activities, where we will hot seat different characters, and using freeze frame to act in role.   Our writing outcome will be a letter, where we will be writing in the role of Emily, and sharing what we have learnt from Greenpeace with a friend. We will be writing in first person and recounting previous events.


In our reading lessons, the children will be making predictions and using inferences to support their predictions.  In grammar, children will be introduced to suffixes and will also continue looking at conjunctions which were introduced last term.                   


This term we will continue to investigating equal amounts, addition of equal amounts, create equal group, doubling numbers, multiplication, division and exploring the fraction half. The children will review and consolidate previous knowledge counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  The children will continue to read, write and interpret mathematical sentences using, addition, subtraction and equal symbols.   They will be introduced to arrays and how they are used.  Some of the key vocabulary the children will be using this term are multiplication, multiplicand, multiplier, and product.


In science, we will be learning about the life cycle of plants.  We will be identifying the different parts of a plant; and labelling them.  The children will be discussing and comparing different types of plants.   The children will be exploring how plants change throughout the different seasons. 


This term our focus will be on geography.  The children in Year 1 will be researching and comparing London/Croydon to a rural area within the UK. They will learn about the human and physical features of a landscape. From this knowledge they will be able to identify the physical features of a rural area in contrast to the human features in an urban area.                              

Design Technology  

This term the children will be exploring Design Technology.  They will be learning about what weaving is and the technique used.  This will be linked to recycling and how we can utilise recycled materials for weaving, creating things such as blankets and bags.  For the final art outcome the children will be weaving a blanket with a view to rescue a whale.     



We will continue to have two PE sessions each week, consisting of an indoor and an outdoor session each week. Indoor PE is to take place on Monday mornings.  Weather permitting, outdoor PE will take place on Wednesday afternoons. We will continue to focus on effectively following rules and working collaboratively through team games.  This term in PE the children will be focusing on running, jumping and movement at different speed. 

Useful Information

PE Kit

Children will have PE every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled with their full name. PE Kits should consist of a white T-shirt and black shorts/jogging bottoms and black trainers or plimsolls. 

Reading Records and Passports

Please check your child’s book bag for a reading diary, books and reading passport. The reading books from our library will be changed every Tuesday and Thursday. Please date and initial their reading passport for every 5 minutes of reading inside the small box.  

Water Bottles/Clothing

Please continue to bring in named water bottle for your child, as our fountains are still out of use.

Kindly ensure that all your child’s clothing is clearly labelled.


Homework is to be taken home each Friday, and returned the following Monday.

Please ensure that your child takes a bag to school each day to keep their books safe and send home important communication from school. 

Diary Dates   

  • 30th May – 3rd June 2022: Half Term