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Year 1

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a lovely sunny half term. Thank you all for working so hard in summer 1! 

During summer term 2, the learning in Year 1 will be based around the Global theme of ‘Sustainable Development”. The focus of the term is to explore how waste is produced and how it gets recycled and reused. We will also be discussing how we can reduce our plastic usage to help the environment. To do this, we will be watching a variety of documentaries as well as reflecting on our own experiences. At the end of the term we will be creating awareness to teach others how they can be eco-friendly.

English and Reading

In Year 1 our new core text is “Dear Greenpeace" which links to our global theme of “sustainable development”. Before introducing the book to the children, we will hook them into their learning by immersing them in their imaginations by visiting our school pond and extending our vocabulary by discussing what we might find in the pond and the sea. We will also be engaging in role play activities, where we will ‘hot seat’ different characters, and use freeze frame techniques to act in role.   Our writing outcome is a letter, where we will be writing in the role of Emily, the main character in Dear Greenpeace. We will share what we have learnt about Greenpeace with children in Year 2. We will be writing in first person and recounting previous events. 


This half term Year 1 will be extending their place value knowledge to 100 by identifying tens and ones in any given number. We will be using, Dienes, straws and pictorial representations to support us. Following on from this we will be using first, then and now boards to show addition and subtraction sentences. We will also be introducing prepositional language and learning terms such as front, back, left and right. This will then support the children and we move  onto time, and teaching the sides of a clock and how the hands move clockwise.


In RE we will continue with the topic of Hinduism, learning further about Hindu beliefs about God and stories related to this topic. For the first two weeks of term we will be participating in Arts Fortnight where the children will be planning, designing and creating various art pieces related to religion. They will explore Bollywood music and simple dance moves. Our theme is Religion, Culture and Beliefs, linked to the whole school theme of Community.  We will be writing inspirational quotes inspired by religious scriptures from the main 6 religions represented in the UK. The rest of our art journey will be looking at whales, and experimenting with colours and creating a wax relief painting.


Year 1 will be identifying the seasons through the year. We will also be looking at different countries around the world and how their seasons affect the growth of different plants. We will be comparing the weather in two countries and identifying how they are similar and different


The children will continue to participate in Real PE sessions, these sessions encompass varying and copying movement, focussing on agility, balance and control. The children will play games related to topic themes developing their physical and cognitive skills, and give attention to developing their personal and collaborative skills when participating in PE


This term’s topic is ‘changing me’, focussing on how the children have changes since they were babies and how they will cope with change in the future. The children will reflect on lifecycles of animals and humans and use the correct vocabulary related to ourselves.

Useful Information

PE Kit
Children will have PE every Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled with their full name. PE Kits should consist of a white T-shirt and Black shorts/jogging bottoms and black trainers or plimsolls. 

Reading Records and Passports

Please ensure your child reads for at least 15 minutes a day, either independently or aloud and continue to comment in your child’s reading record book. We are very pleased to announce that every child now also has access to an exciting range of online texts via Bug Club, a separate letter explaining how to sign in and access the platform has been sent to parents.
Please check your child’s book bag for a reading diary, books and reading passport. The reading diary needs to be signed and handed in EVERY DAY the same as the reading passport. Please date and initial (not just tick) their reading passport for every 5 minutes of reading inside the small box.

Water Bottles/Clothing
Please continue to bring in named water bottle for your child, as our fountains are still out of use.
Please also ensure that all of your child’s clothing is clearly labelled.

Homework is to be taken home each Friday, and returned the following Monday.