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Year 1

Welcome Back!

This half term, our core books are ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ by Charlie Mackesey, a beautifully illustrated book, all about kindness and ‘Have you filled your bucket today’ by Carol McCloud, a book all about giving, sharing and caring.

During the term, the children will focus on exploring their feelings and emotions through both core texts within English and our Recovery Curriculum. This will link in well with them discussing how certain feelings and emotions enable us to connect with others to build relationships and the importance of building a community.

English and Reading
In English, there will be a great deal of focus on communication, speaking and listening which will lead into phonetically plausible captions and meaningful sentence writing. The children will also take part in daily phonics sessions which revise and teach sounds we hear in words, and to read and spell common exception words to support reading and spelling.

We will be leading up to a celebration of kindness, focusing on how we can ‘fill one another’s buckets up with acts of kindness’. We will work towards creating ‘A kindness guide’ in the form of a scrapbook. We will also showcase our learning through the ‘Museum of Hope Exhibition’ we have planned, in which we will showcase our guide to being kind, and we will display our buckets of kindness, with words, phrases and quotes that we have written including our artwork, which will incorporate our written words, phrases and quotes.

This term we will be focussing on place value and number. Children will review and consolidate skills of counting on and back, comparing amounts, and exploring addition and subtraction through identifying part and whole numbers. Children will learn to work systematically to combine parts to make a whole, and find missing parts by partitioning numbers and subtracting from the whole. There will be a great deal of focus on using the correct mathematical vocabulary and consolidation of basic skills to enable depth of learning and mastery of key mathematical concepts.

In science we will be exploring the topic of Materials. We will focus on identifying and comparing materials by how they feel and how they can be described. We will explore their physical properties and sort them in a variety of ways. Texture, strength and durability will be investigated by seeing whether the materials are waterproof.

Art/Design Technology
In art we will focus on weaving using our prior knowledge of colour wheels, in shades of blue. We will work on creating mood colour strips, explore colour shades using collage and mark making using Indian Inks, then create colour washes and work on weaving our colour strips. Words and phrases associated with kindness will then be written on the strips of paper being weaved together. These will be displayed during our ‘Museum of Hope Exhibition’ alongside our ‘buckets of kindness’ project outcomes.

We will have two PE sessions each week, consisting of an indoor and an outdoor session each week. Indoor PE is to take place on Tuesday afternoons, and weather permitting; Outdoor PE will take place on Wednesday afternoons. The Indoor PE for this term will be expressive dance with a focus on emotions. Outdoor PE will focus on team games. We will focus on effectively following rules and working collaboratively.