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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

We hope you had an enjoyable summer break and are ready for more exciting learning this year. After not being at school since before the lockdown, you will see some changes that have been introduced to help keep you safe at school. During Autumn 1, we will be following a recovery curriculum where it will initially prioritise re-establishing core routines, core expectations and the core values we uphold for our communities. We will hold true to our belief in excellence for all pupils and will maintain a focus on delivering high-quality learning outcomes. We will explore themes which help us explain the events of the past 6 months. This term, all learning will be celebrated through ‘A Museum of Hope Exhibition in the main hall, a physical exhibition bringing together outcomes from across the school, which will be shared with our community virtually.

English and Reading

This half term, as part of the Recovery Curriculum, our core book is ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.’ by Charlie Mackesy.

What do you think success is?” asked the boy.

“To Love.” said the mole.  

Children will continue to develop their reading and comprehension skills by making predictions based on visual images and the text, inferring and clarifying their understanding of words and phrases in order to develop their vocabulary. They will make links with real events happening in the world around us and continue to develop learning behaviours such as supporting and actively listening to each other.  We will also be investigating poetry from song lyrics.
In writing, they will focus on writing a story, ensuring that they include all the structural and language features.

In maths, children will consolidate their knowledge of place value, decimals and fractions.  They will learn to recognise equivalent fractions.  They will convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions and compare and order fractions in number sequences. They will also add, subtract and multiply fractions and mixed numbers.  The vocabulary associated with fractions will be emphasised and there will be opportunities to apply what they have learnt on a daily basis through reasoning and problem-solving activities. 

Children will build on their knowledge of sounds.  They will explain how different sounds are made and travel to the ear. They will be able to link the pitch with the sources of sounds, as well as, investigate how different materials affect the volume of sounds.  The children will make predictions based on their own investigations of sounds and use scientific language to explain their findings.

Art/Design Technology
The children will compare and contrast the styles of two artists, Claude Monet and Charlie Mackesy (the artist and author of the core text for this half term). They will investigate a range of backgrounds before designing a piece of visual art to convey particular moods related to the core text.                                                                                

On Thursdays the PE lesson will be outdoors and on Fridays it will be indoors. There will be a focus on responding to a piece of music to create a performance. In outdoor PE, the children will be developing their ball skills to improve their passing, when standing or moving and functioning effectively as part of a team.